Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hello friends, I was asked to try a pretty wonderful product a few weeks ago, Soft Scrub Total! Purex Insider's sent me a package with one bottle of Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach & Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl. Each product comes in a spary bottle that allows you to change the nozzle from spritz to foam spray. Love that feature!!

First we tried the Total Bath & Bowl. Our house is a home day care, I run it, averaging 6-10 kids per day. So, you know even with two toilets, it's hard to keep it clean! I waited until I was ready for bed and I sprayed the toilet down. My husband works an hour from home, so he cleaned it when he got home. His first reaction was "WOW! That was easy!" My first reaction the next morning was "Amazing! It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO clean!"
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl!

Next, we tried the Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach on a spot of mold on the refridgerator. Then we used it on the floor where something had been spilled. The All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach worked workers!
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it too!!

Now that I've tried it, I want to help YOU try it!!

I have three coupons that I'd love to give to three lucky readers!!

First, comment on this post, tell me what you USUALLY use to clean your bathroom!
Next, Tell your friends, for every friend that comments, you'll get 1 extra entry!!
Finally, Wait til November 25th to find out the winners!!


Jenna Wood said...

I use traditional soft scrub.

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Supermom said...

I use Lysol bathroom cleaner