Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Garbage Pail Kids Movie ~ 4/5

Here's what says:
1987 PG 96 minutes
Teen Dodger (Mackenzie Astin) gets the surprise of his life when he uncovers a repulsive gang of alien kids in this gross-out tale based on the popular 1980s trading cards. Dodger decides to free Messy Tessie, Foul Phil, Valerie Vomit and the other filthy kids. Out of the garbage can, they help him fight bullies, but is the world ready for the icky Garbage Pail Kids or will authorities toss them down the disposal? Anthony Newley co-stars.

My thoughts:

It was a pretty funny movie. My kids really liked it. We thought it was based on the cards & really cute for being an old 80's movie.

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