Friday, September 24, 2010

Silly Bandz :)

So, if your children are anything like mine, they are collecting silly bandz & thier companion, silly ringz! :) The little shaped rubber band bracelets that look like thier favorite characters, foods, sports teams & much more!! I for one think that limited, they will not be much of a distraction, my kids both wear them daily to school & no teacher has complained to me yet (knock on wood) that they are trading or showing them off during class. Some schools have banned them for being too distracting. I've heard people say they are dumb, a fad & a health problem. They are the same as ANYTHING else you would give your child: you set rules!!
In our home, the rules are as follows:
Limit the bandz worn at one time.
If any band is too tight, do not wear it, use it to trade with others who have a smaller wrist or just save it in your collection.
Do not put them in your mouth for any reason.
Bandz are to be traded only, not given away. (This rule is for my little monster who started out with about 40 silly bandz & went to summer school for a week & had less than 20)
My rules may seem a bit odd or strange for those of you who do not have a child who is old enough for silly bandz. However, they work for us :)
Silly bandz make great gifts, grab bag items, rewards & much more! So, if you are lucky enough to have a child who doesn't wear silly bandz, cherish it! But for those of us who's children are so obsessed with them, search high & low for the fun, low priced ones! Not every one is going to be your child's favorite, however, they can be traded away to get the coveted John Cena, Pittsburgh Steelers or other favorite shape!
Now, if only I were the one who had invented them!!

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